It's too bad so many people will miss Thief 3's greatness.

User Rating: 8.7 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief was one of the first stealth-action games to ever be made. It was revolutionary, with great gameplay and ideas. Thief 2 was also an excellent game. Thief 3 continues this great game franchise, but unfortunately will be missed by many. Thief 3 continues the story of master thief Garrett. The whole Thief series is set in medieval/fantasy times, which I personally love. Garrett is now needed by the Keepers once more, this time regarding an ancient prophecy. However, there are sinister secrets to be discovered... Thief 3 has a great story line, and the use of stealth elements is fantastic. The Thief 3 engine isn't the best, though there are rag-doll physics (though the bodies are too rigid when they collapse, occasionally making impossible angles). Also, the Thief 3 engine has excellent lighting and shadow effects. The music is decent, though the sound is somewhat lacklustre. Thief 3 is a game which requires you to think, a rare thing in today's gaming scene. Therefore, is has not attracted as many people as other big titles. However, this is a great game, with memorable moments and features. One level, an abandoned asylum, is terrifying! Thief 3 is good, yet under appreciated. A good collector should own this game, as it is an excellent stealth game, with great characters, a good medieval theme and an intriguing story.