Steal this game ;-)

User Rating: 7.6 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
This is a fun game to play, but the mechanics of the game are a bit too easy, even at the end. In games like this I like to essentially be forced to do some of the extra quests simply because I could not possibly complete the game without becoming better/stronger/richer/more-well-equiped than simply following the story line from begining to end will allow. In this game I kept saying to myself - "OK, now it is going to get hard, I'll have to do some of those side-quests, maybe even choose which one of the factions I like better to get more loot." Unfortunately, that time never came in this game. As readers of my reviews know, I do not care too much about graphics and the like. What I care about is character and character development. This game does have good characters. Garrett is interesting, and some of the people he interacts with are good too (in particular Orland). However, the game is not so good in character development. In fact, the only people who change character based on the events around them are the secondary characters (Orland, the little interpreter girl, etc). Garrett remains his self from the beginning to the end, and none of the choices he makes or any of the things he sees appear to change him at all. At the start he is a thief, at the end he is a thief. I thought the most interesting interaction Garrett had (and the one most likely to produce some emotion in him other than detached self-righeousness) was with the eyeball. Despite all that, this is still a fun game to play. There is something to be said for indulging your clyptomaniacal urges from the comfort of your own home. For one thing, jail time is a drag, and really cuts down on your gaming time. So, if you can - steal this game - it is worth playing, but may not be worth buying!!!