After looking at all the good reviews i hate to be the one writing this.

User Rating: 5.2 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
This game confused me to no ends. Like i said i hate to be the one writing this. Agree with me or not i dont care. This game was very difficult at times and just a little bit to hard at times. Like at points they expect you to find things and steal them in caves or what ever you may be in. But you have no sense of direction at all and no way of know where the hell you are, which is quite irritating, This game may have created the stealth genre but has absolutly nothing on games such as splinter cell. That game has everything you need. The enemies are way to hard when you do have to fight them 1 on 1 which does happen. When you are being stealthy and good its still quite boring. and games that dont have very many real cutscenes for briefings rather than just voice dubbings are just annoying.
In my personal oppinion this game made my IQ drop 20 points.
I wouldnt waste any more money or time on this if the apocolypse was upon us and i had to play 1 video game and it had to be this one.