It's not as good as The Dark Project or The Metal Age, but Thief Deadly Shadows is still pretty fun.

User Rating: 8.1 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief The Dark Project was the first Mature rated game I ever got. I loved it. The game was very dark and atmoshperic and impossible to stop playing. Thief 2 was just as good. So when I heard about Thief 3 I couldn't wait. It turns out Thief Deadly Shadows isn't quite as good, but it's definitely a solid game. The graphics are pretty good and the audio is great. This makes for a very atmospheric game. The gameplay itself is fairly similar to the other THief games, except for the introduction of The City -- a big environment where you can do a whole lot of thieving. This is pretty fun. Unfortunately, the game gets kind of stale and dull towards the end. The game is very slow-paced and I just couldn't stay that into it. Also, the game has far too many loading times, which gets really aggravating. Despite all this, Thief Deadly Shadows will not disappoint Thief fans and will probably thrill newcomers to the series.