Best stealth game ever! Good, solid story line along with creepy scenery and nice enviroments and great sound's

User Rating: 9.6 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
What can you say about this trilling game that isn't already said. I've played thief dark ages and metal ages and found them really great. What can i say i'm a sucker for mid-evil times movies and games. First of all the way the story line unfolds before you is just amazing. It goes deeper and deeper without losing credibility all together. The environment and different locations make the story look so much more alive. A real improvement to metal ages that made you feel like every castle was the same. Another improvement is the city that has come to life and gives you a home base to learn and upgrade you stealing skills. You can truthfully do whatever you want (pick pockets, houses, pubs, your mother). When you feel like it you do a level and steal more stuff that you can sell in every part of the city. Also you can buy whatever you want and need, not just 15 water arrows and 3 health potions. But the best thing about this new thief saga is the sound, the food steps, the bats flying in the air above you, the flikkering candels and beter dialogs, sometimes pretty funny.

Oke is there nothing that could be improved? Yes there is ofcourse. The city is great but it would be nice to have more rooftop action also the loading times are some what anoying at times. Play this game you will like it!