Do you want to creep in shadows? so play thief 3

User Rating: 10 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief: deadly shadows is the best stealth game that have ever made until now. you are a master thief that easily can go every were in town, steal, kill and break into houses and beside you can follow a scary and mysterious story that you have never heard. The game started with a training mission to get you ready for the game. It shows how to creep in shadow, knock out your foes, walk silently, put off lights (fires), stealth your dead enemies in the dark and steal. It is great experience for gamer to be like a thief and even better than to follow a scary and mysterious story that take you to the heart of house of a witch, to a museum, ghost's ship and many scary or wonderful places.
graphic is wonderful too. It shows lights and shades very nice that you feel you are really in shadow and blooms of light are wonderful. At the end thief 3 is a very nice game to play