Although not as good as the rest of the series, Thief: Deadly Shadows will make any Thief fan happy.

User Rating: 8.6 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief was a trend-setter that changed the face of gaming and help foster stealth focused games. Thief 2 was just as stellar and continued with solid game play and awesome character development. When Looking Glass Studios closed its doors, I wept. Having the series picked up was a great day for gaming and Warren Specter was probably one of the best people to do so. Although, not as unique as the original, Thief: Deadly Shadows works well as continuing the game play mechanics and storyline that made the game great. Warren's sandbox-type game preference works well in the Thief universe and makes the very game enjoyable. The Deus Ex engine is not the best in the world with sluggest performance and unrefined interface, but can easily be overlooked once the game picks up pace and can look very good at times. Those new to the series might find this game unremarkable; however, fans of the series will definately appreciate the feeling of clenching that old leather blackjack in the shadows.