Audio quality alone distinguishes itself by far in the action genre. This latest title is the roots of the series.

User Rating: 9 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
This is not my fullest review. I'm not too tired to write a review and I should never review any game while not giving it my all, as games never let me down so I shouldn't put them on the shelves. My eyes ache from not enough sleep and if I take any Tylenol for headaches then I'll fall to sleep in 2 hours. Please enjoy my very first game review. I'm new to the Thief series and after playing the free demo for the first time I wasn't so sure if I should play this game or not. I'd played only half of the 2nd Thief title (fake copy from the black market) and I realized how deep this concept of the Thief series had struck me. When I bought this game, Deadly Shadows, I had waited until the price dropped down to $29.99, to make sure I don't waste money by not getting enough long hours of gameplay from it, "Bang-for-the-Buck." I knew what I was getting into, the first & third person gameplay, the slow & fast action elements, the Deus-Ex engine (amazingly beautiful and well crafted for physics), and most of all the audio. Gameplay is great, not too complicated and not too boring. I played it for almost two weeks, only 7 hours a day for this game. Graphics, I enjoyed the engine by playing it as if I own this game...since I bought it I shouldn't have to worry about rushing through it on the first two days, but if I do then I know there's some replayability in the box. When the story is supposed to end and the game seems to go on forever then that's when I know to play the game like I'm in that world and not just playing through it. The action and nosing around as a thief can either be fast or slow, depending on how you want to play it. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to play a certain game because I may be too tired to get excited, which isn't fair when you want to relax inside some other world but you can't because you're eyes ache from getting up to early. However, the graphics engine makes the world seem soft on the eyes, so prolonged hours of gameplay in Thief won't hurt you so much. And I never got stressed from playing this game because if I found myself doing any mission the same way again, I never got bored because of the beautiful graphics. Story, the entire game script is outstanding. The story in this game is probably what kept me coming back to it night after night, and sometimes during the daytime. Sound \ Audio, the most impressive audio I've ever heard in the action genre (don't count the first person elements in Rainbow Six, that's an entirely different discussion, although it sounds amazing). Sound goes with its graphics very well, and the gameplay supports both. Audio quality was mind-blowing (not necessarily "Jaw-Dropping"). There's only one way to enjoy this game to the fullest, both on the Xbox and PC (or Mac), play Thief with a good sound setup, it's a must. Conclusion, you can play this game in third or first person. The engine supports amazing (not crisp) graphics and surprising audio quality. The storyline is quite revealing and will let you go with relief.