A great stealth game.

User Rating: 8.4 | Thief: Deadly Shadows XBOX
Thief: Deadly Shadows is a great game. Its a pretty solid game, there are mostly only small things that keep this game back from being one of the best. I think one of the greatest parts about this game is that the graphics are really good. I played Thief on my 360 and I thought it looked great. However things like only a few different character models are present do hold it back. And for some reason in many stealth games, it always seems too dark to see anything so you'd probably want to up the brightness. The cutscenses were very good though, and not just graphics but the things that happened in them were pretty cool. The gameplay in Thief was amazing. One of the best things in the game was utilize how lighting affects how stealthy you are. Sound is also very important as most enemies can sense if you're nearby if you make a lot of noise. There could have been a better way to tell if anyone detected you or not but usually you can tell for yourself. I really like the way that the guards or whatever will investigate a sound or something they might have seen which makes it a lot easier to be stealthier. When they do find you however you could hit them and about a minute later they give up which isn't too realistic but would you want someone looking around for you forever or calling others to help out? The missions in this game are really diverse and pretty cool. The objectives that you have to do are pretty straight forward and you can accomplish them easily. There are a ton of ways to do the missions though, like ways to get somewhere or different places to explore and things like that. After missions you can roam the city to find new things, sell your stolen goods, and buy new items. Sound is used very well in Thief. One of the biggest things its used in is stealth and whether your enemies can detect you or not. The general background sound is also pretty good and can sometimes freak you out like in...The Cradle....The voice acting in this game is ok, but its like one voice a character model and there aren't too many different models. I think one of the greatest parts of this game is the story. Thief is a saga but I haven't played the previous games but I still really like the character, Garret and the plot. Garret is a cool master thief that instead of having people just disappear around him and he's just clueless, he does that to others which I think is great. The story also has a lot of twists and the way that some of the missions are included in the story is amazing. Overall, Thief is a great game and even if you don't like stealth games give this one a try, its like $10 for a great game.