A funny sidestep from the Zelda series which should have been much longer, because it is really good

This game splits the Zelda fans. Some - like me - will enjoy it because it is a highly addictive game with a familiar character, familiar music, familiar enemies and a familiar setting. Others will hate this sidestep because it has no story and because it goes against the usual Zelda conscept.

Whatever you think, you can't argue against this game being real fun to play. It is somehow challenging and it requires skill ang reaction. I really enjoyed it, so it was kind of a disappointment that I managed to finish it in fifty minutes.

This game is only a shooter all the way. You aim with the wii zapper and shoot for the enemies or targets that appear and some are moving. Mostly you just stand still, but at some levels you walk around as well. What separates this game from similar mini-games (in a good way) is the combo you get. If you keep shooting the enemies or targets without missing you will get much more points (first 30, then 2x30, then3x30...). So the key is to keep your combo. However you can hit jars or scarecrows or barrels without loosing your combo. In some jars there are diamond, which gives you more points the faster you shoot them (maximum 1000) and fairies that gives you 1000p anyway.

You might say that this game has little variety in gameplay, it is true, but on the other hand it does have more variety than you could expect. You shoot enemies while you defend a carriage, you shoot targets while riding Epona, you shoot skull heads that are tossed into the air, you sneak around shooting skulltulas, there are even two boss fights.

There are nine levels, each with three challenges. You get bronze medals on 20000p, silver on 40000p, gold on 60000p and platinum on 80000p. You start with three levels available, but after that you have to get a medal to unlock the next levels.

The skill level is not that challenging. Personally It wasn't a single level I didn't get a medal on first attempt. I even got gold medal on the final level on first attempt. However you might come back to beat your own score, maybe try to get gold medal in all events (and later platinum in all) or try to find the glitches. After some time it is not that challenging and you can take the levels with more perfection (when you now the glitches and where the diamonds are), however even when you have all the platinum medals, you migth come back just to play it. It is a perfect game if you want to play, but just have a few minutes.

For one who have played TP, you will find Hyrule familiar (it is exactly the same), and the music is familiar, even some of th quests are familiar (like find and shoot all enemies in the hidden village). To fans like me, that is a plus.

The games comes with the wii zapper. You might at first feel like "I got the power" when you hold the wii zapper, but it isn't that important, in fact on the levels where you walk around, I prefer to not use the zapper.

So on this game, graphics is a plus and so is gameplay, but the shortness is a minus, it is also to easy and there is a little lack of variety, but still it is a very good game, surprisingly good in fact, and I will recommend trying it.