Garret is back! and (with the exeption of a few glitches) is still one of the best stealth games around....

User Rating: 9.5 | Thief: Deadly Shadows XBOX
Garret the master thief is back in the expanding city!
though there are glitches in this game, which will cause some irritation, the game has been amazingly created to give you the feel that you are garret and it's you that is hiding from the city watch and not an animated character.

In thief: Deadly shadows, you will (after a few missions) be able to side with pagons, hammerites and the keepers as you unravel the secrets behind the creation of the city whilst encountering betrayal, treachery, and getting caught in a war between rival factions. this game allows you to make choices that will enrage one faction whilst causing another faction to like you.

This highly addictive game will give you exitement just trying to steal from someone, or running away from the watch. And that's not even including the missions (such as shalebridge cradle) which will/should effectively freak you out and keep you wanting to complete the next mission to unravel sone nore secrets about the city!