This is a great stealth game but it could have done with some improvement.

User Rating: 7 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
In this game you play as a thief called Garrett, all he wants from life is its riches. I would have given this game 8.5, but I did'nt because of some problems...

The story is excellent and keeps you playing the game, to progress through the story you need to complete robbery missions. you'll be breaking into an Inn, a castle, a church and a underground Pagan settlement. That's just 4 of the many missions. When you finish a mission you return to Garrett's apartment. You can leave the apartment and go to the city for a nights thieving. The downside to the story is the ending, its quick and disappointing.
And when you complete the story its not like other games where you just keep roaming around in a open sandbox game stealing what you can get,
when the game gets completed in this game you just start again from the beginning.

The Game play is very simple.
Your a thief, and a thief's gotta do what a thief's gotta do.
You can pick pockets but its very easy, you just sneak up behind the person and you right click on the mouse and you have a pouch full of coins...
You use the shadows to sneak up and attack people or to stay hidden from enemy's.
You can also break into houses but out of all the houses in the city, you can only break into 14 of them... that sounds allot but some of the houses you can only steal from once. But you can steal objects from the mission area's
and when you do steal something you can sell it to your Fence, the downside of this is that with the money you can get you just buy more tools. But speaking of tools, you get allot of gear to help you steal.
Now this game isn't historical its fantasy so you get early flash bangs and explosive mines! The problem with the tools that your trying to save them for a time when you really need them, and you end up not using most of the gear.
Now obviously you get obstacles in every game, In this game their called
"The City Watch" they're guards who patrol the streets for you, and if they catch you they fight you, you can run away or you can kill them (you get a dagger to do this) .
If you run they chase you until they either catch you or until they run out of breath. Whats very annoying about the game is that the city is separated by each part of town and to get between one part of the city to another you go through a passage, if you are being chased when you go through the passage your pursuer stays in the part of town you just left. When you go back into that part of town hes in the exact spot that you left him. But you can choose to kill guards by knifing them to death or by putting an arrow in there neck.
But killing people makes allot of noise and can attract attention. It does'nt matter if your doing a mission or if your in the city, if you kill someone you should do it by sneaking behind them and doing a stealth back stab, but that still makes allot of noise so your best bet is to use the Black Jack witch is a little club that you hit people with to knock them out cold.
If they manage to beat you then you get put in a prison, then you get a mission where you have to escape the prison. If you escape then when the guards next time see you they wont capture you. Nope they will just cut you down... And if you doing a mission they take no prisoners. There is Rag doll in this game but it glitches allot. And This game crashes allot to.

The Graphics are great, good old 2004 graphics. This game does have blood in it but its not very graphic.

The A.I. are smart sometimes but can be as smart as a rock other times.
If you make a noise they come and investigate and if you fight them and over power them, they run away. Also they have different levels of suspicion.
If its dark but they can only just see and you creep in front of them then they say something like "Was that... oh it was nothing" the more they feel that something suspicious is going on the longer they look. If its light but only just and you walk in front of them they say something like "There! whats is that thing?" and if there's a bright light and you walk into it and then you run out instantly they say something like "HAY WHO IS THAT!" and if they see you and decide to chase you then they shout something like "THERE YOU ARE! NOW YOU DIE!!!"

Now the Sound track could have been much better. It may be a fantasy game but since when do medieval style citizens speak like cowboys!!! There are to dialogue types that have English accents but everyone else speaks with an American accent! And when I say American accent I mean like John Wayne.
The Music is awesome and it sets a scene of darkness and danger. The sound effects are good as well.

Overall this game is Alright but could have been better in places.
But for £3.95 you would probably be ok to get it..