Surprisingly addictive

User Rating: 8.5 | Thief: Deadly Shadows Episode 1 MOBI
Reviewing phone: Nokia 3200

To tell the truth i was pleasantly surprised. Ive played allot of lackluster mobile games laltely (XIII, War of the Worlds etc) and its great to come across as game which actually hold my attention for longer than 5 minutes.

Thief is a classic style 2d plaformer stealth /action game similar to splinter cell but darker & less graphical. There are plenty of puzzles, hidden treasure & thug to pickpocket along the way.

* Very faithful to the PC title.

* Stealth is done well. When hidden you can pick people pockets, knock them out from behind or sneak right past them

* Lots of inventory items. Gas bombs, water & normal arrows, thug stick

* Semi difficult level design. Hidden walls, pocks to unpick, lights to be darkened with water arrows out etc.

* Generally challenging & interesting. This is a good game to keep on your mobile, as it will take you a good few hours to clock


* Graphics are a bit bland, but it does fit in with the whole dark & gritty aspect of the game

* No sound (which is expected for mobile games)

* Controls can a be a bit tricky to start with


I think Thief should of been given a higher Gamespot rating, considering there are worse games out there with higher scores. it makes you thinkm did they even play this?

If you have a mobile & some spare time on a train, download this game!