User Rating: 4 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Whoa, with a game this good who needs the Metal Gear Solid series! First of all you will feel invincible with the game AI. Merely hopping on a table will render you immune to guards, who are reduced to lines such as "Hey you Getter down from there!!" and "Your in big trouble mister!!". Now on the other hand if you don't enjoy tables, you can simply run past 95% of the guards, who will quickly lose track of you and return to their dumb normal lives. Once again you will feel invincible with such an "amazing" game AI. Running into more then one guard?? Simply start hacking away at one while the other watches and stands there idle. After you have disposed of the pesky guard, feel free to proceed to his buddy. Another added bonus, civilians you will blugene will cry out classic Shakespearan lines such as "Ummm, I have to be somewhere right now, Argghhhhhh" and "Help, he'll kill us all!!". Are those pesky candles and fireplaces getting in your stealthy way? Simply use a water arrow on them, regardless of whether anyone is standing next to it or between you and the light source! In conclusion, with game AI like this, you will feel like a beta tester minus your fifty bucks.