User Rating: 8.1 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
While it doesn't live up to its predecessors, it's a damn fine game in its own right. Gone is that wonderful vibe of the past games -- the night sky, black as pitch above your head, shadows thick and pulpy, the feeling that you have the freedom to accomplish anything and get into any place if you put your mind to it, and that incredible immersive quality that makes you forget it's just a game. All gone. By comparison this game is a weak immitation. Nothing is quite as good as the game deserved. The speech writing, the cutscenes, the missions, story, the enemies, the sounds... it feels like a bunch of talented, amateur fans got together and tried to immitate the original game to the best of their ability rather than a true successor. However - the game is a wonderful thing in its own right. If you're new to the series, you'll likely enjoy it, though I'm not sure you'll understand it or at least fully appreciate its elements. If you're a veteran, you'll likely see it as a weak immitation but still enjoy it as its own thing. Either way you'll find value here. It's definitely worth the money you pay for it. Just don't expect it to be a work of genius.