User Rating: 8.2 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Gameplay satisfies a Thief purist. Graphics make me wonder how the hell Ion Storm could make the Unreal engine look so poor and tax hardware so much (compared to UT03/04). The game detects my Radeon9800PRO and claims it'll use PS v1.4 - great, but where are the PS effects??? *MOST* of the lighting and shadowing effects are almost-laughible...since when should a character's personal shadow cast an opaque/black hole of a shadow on walls??? Game menu system is OBVIOUSLY biased towards Xbox (thanks to that idiot @ ion storm, Spector) and doesn't work well, nor function quickly. I'm not as-dismayed as the GS reviewer over the lockpicking change and so far that goes for the selling/buying system - makes more sense (to me) than to be given a limited option of what to sell, etc. For as fast as the loading times are for me (on a rather slow computer, too!) I wonder why more of the scenes aren't preloaded - except graphically, this game doesn't seem to tax my PC whatsoever. All that complaining aside, the sound is top-notch, once again (oh how I wish other developers would follow suit!!!) and the gameplay satisfies. Not sure about the storyline - haven't finished (nowhere close yet - I savor the Thief games to be sure!) yet. Oh yeah - 3rd person view? What a FARCE! Chalk that up to Spector (again) who doesn't A.) know how to polish a game (and admits it) and B.) thinks he knows what we want and can't leave well enough alone. Hey Spector - how do explain light sources emitting from behind stone walls?!?!