User Rating: 6.2 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
The original Thief may have established the first person stealth genre, but stealth in that game made a lot of sense. You were a thief and therefore you would obviously want your presence to be concealed. The concept has been abused by a lot of games so, almost to the point of ruining the game. The original Noone Lives Forever is an example that springs to mind where the game was pretty much crippled by it's stealth missions. You see stealth didn't make much sense when you could just shoot the 4 or so guards. They altered the sequel so stealth was beneficial to the player rather than mandatory, and as a consequence it ended up being one of the best games of all time. The Deus Ex games to me are the perfect example of how the option of stealth should be implemented. I am sick to death of stealth missions in First Person Shooters. The release of this game will appeal to those who enjoy stealth obviously, and that it is why I have ranked the gameplay a 1. Even though stealth makes sense in this kind of game I still hate stealth with a passion.