There is no other game I would give in a review a full 10.0. Thief 3 is a world inside a world which you'll believe.

User Rating: 10 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief 3 is simply perfect. When writing a review I always approach every game with scepticism, even my favourite ones. To be honest, I could'n find any flaw in this. There is not any. May be you could criticize the game style and complain about the lack of action. But then this isn't a game for you and you'll be doing better playing Doom.

Thief 3 creates an irredeemable atmosphere with story and plot which could be written by E.A. Poe or H.P. Lovecraft by himself. It is deep, dark, scary, surprising and weird. But it is also funny and amazing, when you suddenly hear Garrets sarcastic comments or get involved in debates or intrigues of the NPCs. During the game you'll fully identify yourself with your neat hero and believe truly the world you are interacting with.

The graphics is beautiful, especially you'll learn to value the cosy dark atmosphere when hidding in safe shadows in (glamorous) mansions by silver moonlight shimmering through the window panes. You slip through great designs and encouter the lovely play of light and shadow. The NPC characters are well designed and animated, their movements and (re)actions are natural and smooth.

The sound is ultimative. The voice acting of the NPCs is something you'll be fascinated during the whole game. If the clumsy guards ("Too clever for my own good"), the religious fanatic hammerites, the strange pagans ("You bes sneaksy"), or the scary enforcers or walking statues ("Find him, kill him, crush him...!"). And also the lovely female voices, especially the one borrowed from 'sexy' Shodan from System Shock 1-2.

As deeper you dive into the story as fervourish you'll beg it doesn't end. And if you decide to play it again after few months , the game will lose nothing from its picturesque uniqueness.
The only thing that may feel you sorry is this a little underrated review from Gamespot.