Becoming the Theif: A short and precise review by a dedicated player.

User Rating: 10 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
There is something about being the lubricious Thief, that is difficult to explain. Is it the ambience of being in charge, or the gripping feeling in your gut that appears in times of suspense that creates the ardor of the game? When you enter the game, you begin with a simple training mission that brings to your attention the awareness that is necessary to confront the fictitious foes that are ahead of you. You may become agitated at the difficulty of what lies waiting for you at first, as it takes many computer keys to pin the movements and tricks. But before you know it, your eyes will narrow as you glare through the darkness before you, and your awareness will sharpen. Noises that occur in or out of the game may startle you, breaking the concentration you develop while keeping your ears open during the silence of playing. You are becoming one with the character through all of this as well. Garett, the sly money-loving stranger, will become you in the process. When he get's angry, you boil with hatred. When he is clever, your mouth twists into a grin of pride. Plots and graphics are attractive in this game. The calm colors mix well with the elements of the story, and missions can prove difficult and times, and often impossible. But there are several paths to any destination. You choose which is best for you, and you may succeed, or you may die. Regardless of the possibilites, the game attributes to its own difficulties by allowing you to 'save' whenever and wherever you may be in the mission. Before a daring step, remember to save incase your idea fails. Suspense is one-hundred percent guartenteed in "Thief: Deadly Shadows". There are plenty of nasty monsters, seeking enemies, and fast suprises that will assure adleast on sharp intake of breath or jolting cry. Even I suprised myself when I heard a slight scream escape my lips when being chased by a willowy creature in the Pagan mines. As far as realism in a video game, I believe it is the closest to life I have ever felt while staring at a moniter. If you are a tolerant player, and enjoy a plot you can sink your teeth into, Theif: Deadly Shadows is your game. It requires skill and teqnique, as well as an enormous amount of patience on your behalf. But if you are devoted to your character, as are most of the people that have played this game, you will find yourself quickly enveloped in it's twisted streets, among people both friend and foe. Before long, you will be calling yourself a Thief with an air of dignity, and more than a little pride. Enjoy.