Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:

Graphics: While it is true that Phoenix Wright's world is colorful and bright. The game uses static picutes of characters and backdrops. This dated look can make the game a bit tendious at times but doesn't really detract from the game itself. 1 out of 2 for Graphics.

Sound: The sound on Phoenix Wright is not bad but you will probably end up play the majority of the game with the sound off. 1 out of 2 for Sound.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Phoenix Wright is simplistic at best. Look for clues in the static backgrounds, interogate witnesses, go to court. The court sceens are the highlight of the game, as the defence attorney it's Phoenix's job to find holes in witnesses testamonies. But, this is easier then it sounds because all you have to do is press a button after each part of the testamony until you find a hole. And with no real consequence for missing something, the game will probably prove to easy for anyone over the age of 12. 1 out of 2 for gameplay.

Storyline: This storyline is where Phoenix Wright shines. The cases are intresting and have some unexpected turns which will keep any player wondering "who done it?" The characters themselves are supposed to be funny, but, if you look to hard, they come off more sterotypical then funny. 2 out of 2 for storyline.

Misc.: Phoenix Wright really doesn't have many special features. In fact the stories don't change either so the game doesn't offer much replay value either. Unfortunately what you see is what you get with this one. 0 out of 2 for misc..

Overall: Don't be fooled Phoenix Wright is first and foremost a game for children. Anyone over the age of 20 will probably not get much enjoyment out of it except for it's intresting storyline. However the storyline can only take the game so far and with little replay value you probably won't play the game throught more then once. 5 out of 10 Overall.