Blackjack-check,dagger-check bow and arrow-check , map-check, all we need is some darkness.

User Rating: 9.5 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Thief 3 or Thief: deadly shadows is an amazing piece of work. I stumbled upon this game by mistake and ended up falling in love with it. Honestly Thief 3 is the best among the thief franchise and it can easily thrash any other stealth game of its generation.

The game features an extraordinary Protagonist; Garret the master thief who as the name suggests is a thief who sneaks around in the alleys grabbing loot and anything valuable that catches his eye. Spying on citizens and city guards (some are absolutely funny), Sneak kill the enemy, interact with the factions available in the game (being good or a complete bad-ass). Using the loot to buy equipment, basically the game offers a lot to do while not doing the story missions so there is not a chance that you'll get bored of this game

The most important of all the game features is the dark and gritty game world a blend of medieval age with a little modernization (machines and electrification) This fantasy world seems so real that you might feel like you are in the dark age and would probably want to keep a dagger nearby as you play the game.

The catchy part is the full city is at your disposal to be explored so there is a sense of freedom unlike any other stealth game.

Moreover the game offers some variety of weapons, and equipment
Garret is equipped with
dagger obviously to kill and wound(Garret is a lousy fighter)
club to knock out opponents(very useful)
A bow with lots of different arrows as ammunition
(normal brodhead arrows, water arrow to doze off torches, fire arrow to create explosions, noise making arrows etc)

Besides weapons, Garret carries a bunch of equipment which includes
Flash bombs (for evasion, very useful)
Gas bombs (very useful)
Land mine (noisy, useless)
Oil Potion
Holy water (for undead, yes I mean zombies)
Health potions

The game follows a plot which is intense and faithful to the franchise and consists of various twists and turns. The story gives a realistic feel to the character and to the world

The only glitch the game has is that of the NPC AI ,at times characters get stuck at corners or at random point which creates much frustration, but this is nothing compared to the good points the game offers.

At the end anyone who is looking to spend a long vacation in front of the PC, has stumbled upon the best possible alternative, which will keep u busy for a long time if u care to explore the rich and impressive world the game offers.

Ps: for anyone who owns a decent rigg and has got the time and patience. A big adventure awaits.