Ok seeing 5.5 was very upseting to me and alot of others. This game deserves more.

User Rating: 8.8 | Theme Hospital PC
Theme Hospital is a great game. I couldn't believe It got 5.5! Anyways this game brings a ton of fun to any person who likes tycoon games.

In this game you run a hospital. duh. And you have to discover new cures for new and wild sicknesses. For example men come into your hospital with a massive head. He is sent to a doctor and eventually after a long process he need to get his head popped. He goes into a room and gets his head popped by a doctor and then there is just a slab of skin on his shoulder. Then the doctor gets out the vacuum and puts it in reverse. he blows his head to the normal size and then the guy walks out. I don't know why but I have never seen a women have this problem. Only men with big bloated heads.

Sometimes there are emergencies. These are really fun. Lets say you get a fax saying there are 5 people with bloated heads. You can accept it or decline it. You have a time limit and If you dont cure the people they will die if the time limit expires.

In the game you are competing with 3 other hospitals. There are goals in each level and if you dont complete the goals before any other hospital completes them you will lose. That can get extremely annoying. Sometimes if you saved right before another hospital beats you then you would have to start over. That has happened to me a few times and it really sucks. So I advise you to save more then one file.

Other than that it is an amazing game for being 9 years old. As I have said before it deserves more than 5.5. Way to go bullfrog (not take-two), you made a great game.