A frustrating dissapointing poor excuse for a game.

The levels get so boring after you have to travel endlessly through landscape that becomes to repetitive with most of the levels put on time-spans. The gameplay is so boring and the levels are so long that it all adds up to be a very poor game that I would not reccommend anyone to even think about a purchase. I can't find any compliments at all to give this game it is that horrible, there are absolutely no attacks throughout the game, but I suppose it does try to be as non-violent as it can be, being as it's themed for kids in the first place.

Now with all of my negative comments about this game, you may be wondering why I leave it a score of 2? Well the answer is the mini-games, that's right the mini-games saved this game from a score of 1, but that does not make this a good game overall. When I did play this game that is all I would play are the mini-games, but even those weren't that fun, I just tryed to to get some value out of the game.