A fun bowling game, only with the fun removed and replaced with boredom.

This was practically the first Wii game I ever played that didn't feel like a Wii game. It felt like I was playing it on another console, of course with the exception of the Wii Remote. However not even this revolutionary idea can save this boat from sinking. The controls are pretty much the same as Wii Sports, you 'control' the bowler's arm with your remote to throw the bowling ball towards pins, knocking over as many pins as you can, the problem is your character moves soooo slooooow that it pretty much kills all the excitement in throwing the ball. By the time you've finished bowling the ball, your guy is only halfway round the cycle. If you try to copy the slow movement then it doesn't exactly fell Wii like. What's worse is that the ball itself, seems to have a mind of its own, even if you throw the ball straight, it still spins to the side. Very frustrating indeed. Career mode is dull and boring and even multi-player games can be a drag. Another issue with the game is it's choice of music. Sure, I love rock music, it's real music to me and bad taste to about 65% of the world's population, but surely this doesn't go well with a bowling game now does it? What's so heavy metal about bowling? Alright lets set the picture straight, I love rock music and I enjoy bowling, but combining the both together to make a mediocre bowling game, it doesn't seem to go well at all.

All in all, a huge disappointment, those expecting another Wii Sports will get the complete opposite. Surely this is not how the Wii should be treated. Even if you are an avid bowling fan, I would strongly recommend that you save yourself time and money and avoid this game. Aside from Wii Sports, there are better bowling games on other consoles than this.