A good game. But can't play any more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Theme Hospital PC
Review for Theme Hospital

Good 3 Points

1. Fun For Young and Old
2. Good Graphics
3. Funny illnesses.

Bad 3 points

1. Eventually gets boring
2. Doesn't work on latest computers
3. Not many Varities of illnesses.


Its a good game to be fair. Its got some funny illnesses. The characters are funny. Its fun for the young and old so its great basically.

Why 8.5

Its a good game, Not too hard. Good for all ages. It would have sold more if like all others it was called Hospital Tycoon. It will eventually get boring and i can't install it on vista or XP or XP PRO. Which is irritating. It only worked on my old ME.

Game Stats.

Gameplay 8/10 FUNNY!
Graphics 6/10 Old School Graphics
Sound 7/10 Quite amusing sound and music
Overall 8.5/10. Fair?

Thanks for reading my review. Enjoy this cool game.