A Classic PC-SIM based on Hospitals.

User Rating: 8.8 | Theme Hospital PC
Docter,Docter I'm Looking for a classic PC Game?
Ok try Theme Hospital. Its one class game if you didn't like Populaus or The Sims you'll enjoy playing this and helping other and keeping the hospital in buisness.
You are the head of the Hospital every level there is always a different building but empty so you have put lots of things in your hospital like X-Ray room,Pharmacy room,a drink machine for anyone whos thristy or Surgery room. You can also hire nurses,repectionest,doctors and repairers every day in the game you have alot of people coming in and out for there problems so you have to make th hospital busy and lots of space.
This game is really Cheap to get on PC for under £5 or less its worth playing and will keep you busy for sometime.
Cheap as Chips!!