Pass on Theatre of War

User Rating: 2.8 | Theatre of War PC
This has been a huge disappointment. I expected the same level of greatness from Battlefront that was attained with their Combat Mission series. It's not even close. The game is virtually unplayable in its present form. It is riddled with bugs, and my advice it to pass on this game.

The AI is unbeatable on anything but the easiest level. The game routinely crashes and will not come to conclusion no matter what the circumstance. The graphics are state of the art, but it quickly becomes apparent that graphics alone can not salvage this title. From the makers of great games such as Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord and Barbarossa to Berlin, I watched this title and tracked its progress with great anticipation. When Codemasters dropped it, I was very disappointed, yet when Battlefront announced it was reviving the game, there was great rejoicing.

The final verdict is not as upbeat. Not even the mighty Battlefront was able to fix the miserable coding problems. Work on a patch is underway, but I stopped playing it within a few days. I was duped. So, now it's time to move on. Trust me, it's not worth $50.