The World Ends with You Cheats For DS

  1. View total play-time

    Hold L + R on the save data menu screen to be able to see how long you have played.

  2. Unlock Ultimate Difficulty

    After beating the game, you can select A New Day Chapter, and go to Shiba-Q Headquarters and on the 3rd floor you will be able to purchase it as a quest item.

    Code Effect
    Buy at Shiba-Q Headquarters 3rd floor on A New Day Chapter. Ultimate Difficulty
  3. Unlock Chapter Selection

    To unlock chapter selection on your cellphone menu you must beat the game. This mode lets you return to any part of the game and replay it with bonus objectives.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game Chapter Selection
  4. Hidden ending scene

    To unlock a bonus scene after defeating the final boss of the main story, collect all of the secret reports in the game, including the one in Another Day.

    Code Effect
    Collect all secret reports Hidden ending scene
  5. Save game file icons

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character icon at the saved game screen:

    Code Effect
    Successfully complete the third week. Beat:
    successfully complete the second week. Joshua
    Collect all secret reports. Mr. Hanekoma
    Get 100% Pin Mastery. Mr. Mew
    Collect all items Rhyme
    Successfully complete the noise list. Rhyme (noise form)
    Successfully complete the first week. Shiki

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