Worth the adventure but not the game

User Rating: 8 | The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith PC

First of all, this is a big WOW. The atmosphere, the speeches, graphics, just about everything.This gave really sucks you in and kept me intact in front of the computer for over two hours. The idea of having very short time to make a desision about the future of the game builts up the preasure even more.. Without spoiling.. This is a must for all adventure lovers.

But, unfortunately, this is another 'Movie-adventure'. This means you are here for the show and not for the adventure (looking around, solving puzzles...). You don't have to do much but just 'go with the flow', click here and there and before you know it you see the titles. IMHO this is the major drawback of this game. If it would be something more like Sam&Max or Monkey Island and less something like Jurassic park, I would have given his a 10.