The best RPG in years

User Rating: 10 | The Witcher PC
The Witcher goes back to the old syle CRPG form, but with a lot of new stuff thrown in to mix things up. The Witcher is made from an unknown Polish software company CD Project Red, and on there 1st game they have made an all-time classic.

One of the best thing about The Witcher is it setting, the world of The Witcher is set in the realm of best selling fantasy saga by the same title by Andrzej Sapkowski, that they call Temeria. And its so full of life, its one of the best settings I have ever seen, every think looks so real and lived in. From Vizima capital city to the country Inn, there is a lot to see and do in The Witcher.

The story is all so very well done, its up there in my top five best storys. You play as a Witcher called Geralt, a witcher is a mutant with supernatural abilities, who receive special training and preparation in order to become professional monster slayers for hire. As you go along in the story your actions will redefine the way it plays out, there are alot of ways your actions change the story. As you go along your are given the chance to side with the Elves or the Order or if you want you can go neutral, each one has a different story.

The game can be played from either an over the shoulder (OTS) or one of two isometric perspectives, isometric is like the one you find in old CRPG, and its the one I used for about 90% of the game, but its up to you to pick the one you like best. Alchemy plays a big part in the game, you can create lots of potions that increase health or endurance, you can also create oils and bombs, all help out a lot when you have a big fight on your hands. There are alot quests in this game that you can get from people, there are also lots of mini games like a game of dice or fist fighting in the inns. If you want to do every think in the game it will take you well over 100 hours of gameplay, the main story is about 40 hours long, so its a very big game.

The games soundtrack is very well done, and fits in with the game very well. The graphics are very good as well, the games runs on the Aurora Engine the same Engine as Neverwinter Nights did, but I tell you CD Project did a very good job with it, and as I said befor the game has a very lived in feel to it, as if it was real.

All in all The Witcher is an all-time classic RPG, with great characters and story, nice soundtrack and graphics. If you are fan of CRPG you owe your self to buy this game.