Best Fallout New Vegas DLC that has come out so far.

This expansion pack starts off on the right foot. It explains the premise of the pack, you wind up in the Big Empty or Big Mountain, they do tests on you that prohibit you from leaving and all that. It goes into great detail to describe the story behind Big Mountain and how when the bomb was dropped it was hidden (such as the Sierra Madre) from the resulting world. You meet up with tons of crazy and wacky robots, who are actually scientists that describe how you got there. The voice acting once again is good, along with the funny dialogue that each character speaks. The best thing about Old World Blues is the weapons and armour that you receive. The weapons are unlike anything in previous DLC's or in the original game. The story takes twists and turns that are quite surprising. There are even hidden secrets stashed away in locations around the game world that unlock answers to questions that you have probably been asking. The ending even has a cliffhanger that will answer the DLC's last question. With funny writing, memorable characters, amazing weapons and a 10 dollar price tag why wouldn't you buy this spectacular expansion to an already great game.