Disappointing and unbalanced. Only really of interest to a hardcore PVP'er bored of EVE.

This game certainly has some potential and the ships are certainly well designed.

Land combat on the other hand appears often random, and whilst it works well on some of the missions the boarding usually comes down to weight of numbers, and hit points of crew members.

However the main bugbear is pvp. What is said about members of all levels becoming involved is sadly not the reality in many servers. In reality fighting someone higher level in a bigger ship will usually have one result. This is amplified as the pvp players tend to be overrun by gank squads from various societies. This is not assisted by a system that positively encourages the hunting of low level players by higher level ones. Some of the ports that can be put in contention stop players from completing essential lvl 8 quests.

The effect this can have on the game is that it may be literally impossible to play for days on end, obviously unacceptable in a subscription game.

It's also generally accepted that certain of the classes suffer from quite considerable unbalance. To compound this various nations on each server have a growing dominance. Because of the way the economy works at present this is likely to be a continuing issue, and I suspect they will end up with a dominant nation on each server that routinely win.

The best advice is wait a few months, then they'll end up giving it out as a free trial. I suspect that there is a good game buried underneath it all but it is going to take a considerable amount of fine tuning.