Fun and addictive

User Rating: 9 | The Witcher PC
In my opinion a good intro movie is a sign that the devs loved their work. I was right before and I`m glad i did, finally, play The witcher 1. A rich story, based on Sapkowski novels which I never got to read, make this game a trully addictive experience. The lore and monsters, madmens and heroes mix together quite well to enjoy more than 80 houurs of gaming. The gameplay shine in his simplicity and the combat is easy after 30 min of practice. The selling point, to me at least, is the fact your avatar is not a uber man, despite his potions and weapon moves and you should be playing carefully in order to avoid dead by the hand of monsters or humans.
The graphic is all right, even after 5 years and the customization fun enough, despite the limited amount of armors and enchanted jewerly. The most annoying features are fast travel and walking. You have to enter houses or towers to fast travel and walking become fast `old news`, making me wish the maps were smaller.All in all it`s a great game and long enough to make the experience enjoyable.