Drawbacks to this otherwise awesome game

User Rating: 9 | The Witcher PC
The main drawback was the attacking skill wasn't fast enough. Sword techniques could be better. The recharge of his hand signs were also too slow. I would have liked to see more expansions to this game. The character really was done well, with a good story line. There could have also been more opotunity to learn more skills. Enhance the strength of his signs more. Construct better weapons with more damage. I was also waiting to get the silver chain weapon shown in the movie and was a little disappointed when it was not included.

In Witcher 2 the character suddenly became fatter, with a rounder face and I do not like his new hair style. It just doesn't mesh with the whole Do-Or-Die lean character of Witcher 1.

I love both games and was somewhat dissapointed in the ending. Guess it just wasn't long enough.

I really would like to see more of him in expansions - please.