Accessing Bonus Adventures

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So I recently finished the main game, and today I wanted to try out the bonus adventures. Only, I can't see how. When I put the second disk in, all that comes up are a bunch of folders like Adventures Artwork, Bonus Avatars and MerryWitchmas walkthrough. It's all good stuff but how do I access the bonus adventures? I see an application at the bottom that looks promising, called vcredist_86. But I open it, accept the License Agreement, it loads, and then nothing. I've tried running as administator and still nothing. I tried re-installing both disks, making sure the bonus adventures were definately ticked, and still having the same problems. I use Windows 7 which might be the problem, but I encountered no issues for the main game. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue, or am I missing something?
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Never mind I figured it out. Didn't realize the extra content is on the main disk. XD