This game made me hit my frustrating limits!

User Rating: 5 | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC
This game isn't hard by difficulty, but by bad programming.
And first, i must admit, the combat system of games is a huge factor for me. I can't play the story without the movement, animations and combat being in tiptop shape.

But as said in previously reviews, the numbers of invisible walls in this game is enormous, which makes it almost impossible to relax while gaming. It's basically so frustrating to walk around, pick up items, and have an overview of the map. Also the movement animations makes the smooth and by far beautiful environment look awkward and unreal.

I've spend a lot of time playing the first Witcher, and i was so exited about hearing that the combat system being more intense then the common RPGs' click and play function.

But the combat is just so trivial, and dull. It's just mashing buttons and hope for the target to be dead. The animations in combat is so slow and your "bloodlust" so to say, is going down hill as soon as you pull out your sword.

The tutorial at the start of the game is too short and compact that it makes it hard to know how to even play the game. Also The Witcher 2 has so many cool cut-scenes at the start, but it's hard to watch them while following the tutorial in the background. This is by the way a game made for a game-pads.

I hit my limit while being stuck in a cart, battling two enemies while trying to parry there attacks, but the parry animation took to long to respond, which made me take all the hits and die. This same scenario didn't just happen once, but over and over and over again.
Also, don't even bother dodging, you can make three hits with your sword, in the time it takes to dodge and you still take full damage while dodging.

Hardcore Witcher fans might say I just suck at the game, and i can't deny it, but the slow combat is the main reason that I probably won't play this game further. I'm sure that this game has a fantastic story line, and the plots and twists makes it such a great game. But i just can't spend time on something that makes me more frustrating then relaxed and entertained.