Good Game! But need improvement

User Rating: 8 | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC
Make it simple
- Good
1. Graphic - so far my pc unable to reach Ultra high graphic but i put medium is really can claim acceptable range therefore i think it will be much nicer.

2. Storyline - By putting politic, dark, conspiracy & legend element into the game which make the game have a high replay value.

3. Replay value - There is always choice which effect the storyline & walk through therefore this is where make the gamers include me to try them all.

4. Combat system - I love the epic fight especially the boss fight in the game sometimes can frustrate but also fun.

5. Simplify component - In RPG game the alchemy element must include and you can experienced in this game further the component can easily obtained by defeating a monster or buy from the trader.

- Bad
1. Character development - Hard to see the bond between Geralt & Triss, of course other characters as well.

2. Autosave - Good for the BOSS FIGHT only but not normal combat therefore save often as sometime can appear a tough fight.

3. Lagging - Perhaps is my pc problem.

4. Storyline - TOO SHORT!!!! I WANT MORE.

5. Door system - Please make the door open until i can access before anyone close it & don't make it like the door bang on my face.