Better that the first, but still too short :P....

User Rating: 9.5 | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC
what can I say.. this game is pretty good, actually its pretty epic, the graphics are beautiful, the atmosphere, the story... are all made with great love.

the witcher 2 has some pretty memorable characters, and it is; in short; better than the witcher 1 in every way and witcher 1 was a pretty great game :P

the best part in this game is that combat is actually challenging (on harder difficulties) and being prepared for the right 'encounter" helps A LOT, like reading lore, drinking the right potion, using the right oil...etc

unlike what some of the more dim witted reviewers said the combat is great and the controls are pretty easy to master, and very soon u will be dueling 4+ enemies like a true mutant.

the VERY best part is the story, it is complex and choices MATTER a lot which makes replay value a sure bet.

the only gripes i have are:

1- the game is short and some what small (its no skyrim map), but to be fair its not THAT short, so u won't be finishing it in one day (took me a week cause i read lore and done EVERY QUEST)

2-some bugs (minor)

Thank you to all the people that made this great game and I look forward to the witcher 3 which I'm hoping will be a much more massive world (like a TES maybe :P yah dare to dream)

AND also I hope we get to have more "classes" in the future aside from witcher hehe ... just saying

GET THIS GAME, PLAY THIS GAME u won't regret it.