big disappointment

User Rating: 4 | The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC
played the 1 chapter, invisible barriers all around you.. I think 20 years ago it was ok but not any more, if there is a landscape I want to walk around.Some roads just disappear after the quest is finished.And again some stupid looking monsters for boss fights as if they are the reason to play the game..Wrong they are what ruins it.In my opinion RPG is for role playing meaning the atmosphere,items,
dialogues etc.and not meaning a hundred times of loading the same boss fight, if you have to waste you time on a single action it spoils the mood .Signs sometimes take more time to cast, damage reflection sometimes stops to work..really professional programming.Yes ,graphics is good and audio and dialogue, but the gameplay is very annoying, just disgusting.
All this great work of artists wont help if you cant even change assigned keys, choose your own direction and way of solving the problems , just everything by the book, just only one way to have your fun and you even don´t know what it is.
Sadly there is only one company doing good RPG-s and it is Bethesda.Witcher 1 was promising but after the success they thought the gamers can chew everything and made it in a rush mixing adult sex and children horror tales into some half-brewed unpleasant mixture.