Using runes with xbox.

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Cant see how to burn runes into the witcher's silver sword on xbox. The wikis deal with pc options and there is no forge option on my xbox menu when I am at the smithy. Its the first smith, can he burn runes? Also I guess I missed out on where to find information as the enhanced version seems to only have a quest guide not a how to.


Thanks in advance.

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Noone knows?

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Haha you won't get much help from these new stupid gamespot forums!

I really liked to help you but i hatre these new boards.

Please go to gamefaqs and post there, or look at the 360 forum board but you can't post there.

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Probably a day late & a dollar short, but you just highlight the rune OR the sword in your inventory menu and select "enhance" from the drop down menu, and the sword or the rune will show up as an option on your left depending on which one you chose.

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Just find whatever rune you want to use, select it, and it should ask you which sword you want to enhance.