Nekker Contract

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I know this may seem like a silly questionbut I'm frustrated and need help. I'm working on Nekker contract and found the nests but once I get near the nest and right click (pc version) he just keeps saying "I need to blow up the nest". I have the freeze bomb (forgot the name) and a diagram for the explosive one but cannot find anyone to craft the bombs? Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong to blow up the nests and finding someone to craft the bombs? I realize I have the PC version and this is the XBox forum but the PC forum is read only.


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You need to craft the bombs yourself with the proper ingredients, you do it from the alchemy menu just like you're making a potion if you have the right diagram.  Also you need to have grapeshot for Geralt to blow up the nests, if you're trying to do it with other bombs it won't ativate the nests when you click on them.  If you don't have the ingredients there's a merchant in Lobinden who sells alchemy ingredients, I can't remember her name but it's the witch who lives the southwest corner of the area, or I think Cedric actually sells bombs.

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The quest has a translation error... they originally called Grapeshot "Beehive". They changed the name, but didn't update the bomb name in the quest.