Importing xbox 360 saves onto PC version?

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So ive been borrowing The Witcher 2 on the xbox from a friend for the last few days to try the game out. Ive decided i want to get it, but i would prefer the PC version. However, im already 6-7 hours into the game on the xbox. Is it possible to transfer my Xbox 360 save to the PC version and pick up where i left off? I dont want to have to start all over again, but i want to see this game in full settings ^_^ (yes my pc will handle it) This might be an odd question to some of you, but this was possible in skyim and im curious if its also possible for this game.
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Best I can suggest is load up the game on the xbox 360, then save the game to a USB drive. Details on how to do that I don't really know since I don't own an xbox, but try removing the Harddrive after loading the game to try and force a choice on where to save it. After that you would just make a Witcher 2 directory in your My Documents, or better yet load up a game on the PC make a throw-away save so the game makes the directory for you. And then just copy paste from your USB drive to there. I have no reason to believe the save files use a different format, but I may be wrong and I wish you the best of luck