Help for a Noob

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Hi All -

I just started playing the game.  I think it's great, though I wish they would have explained more how to do things.  The game really leaves you on your own.

Anyway, a noob question... is there a way to heal yourself during battle?  It seems like you can only drink potions when you meditate, which you can't do during battle.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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There's no quick heal potion for during battle, you have to drink potions prior to the fight.  This game is pretty different from most RPGs, you really need to assess what you're doing and plan carefully for your fights.  Pick the correct potions and use your mobility to avoid damage.  Playing the tutorial will help you out a lot, it explains a lot of the mechanics and at the end suggest a difficulty level suitable for you based on your performance.  

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I am also new to this game and this series. I just started playing tonight (01/17/2013) and am having trouble familiarizing myself with the controls (360 version). I don't typically have issues on this, so I was wondering if I should adjust the control scheme, or if it becomes more intuitive over time. The tutorial recommended Easy mode. Being as the last two games I played were Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma, and I have almost every achievement in both games, that was a bit of a surprise. Thanks in advance.
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I had a similar experience when I first started playing.  It recommended easy difficulty and I just went with it.  It was alright at first because the game does have a relatively big learning curve, but by the end of the first chapter I found it to be way too easy so I started over on hard.  The higher difficulty made for a much more satisfying experience in my opinion, but playing a few hours on easy or medium isn't a bad idea until you get the hang of things