The War of the Worlds Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete the game "To Hear the Tumult of Children"
    Complete the game without dying once Old School
    Complete the game in one sitting without dying I Am Arthur Clark
    Beat the Rooftops north of Bayswater Road in under 3 minutes Speed Demon
    Destroy a Drone using a pushable object 3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s²
    Escape Bathurst Mews using first NPC targeted by Tripod Sole Survivor
    Cross Hyde Park North without dying once and being spotted by a single Drone A Ninja In Tweed
    Give Jenny the gasmask Selfless
    Free all prisoners from holding pens in Martian Cylinder Follow me!
    Complete Hyde Park level Martian Exterminator
    Complete London EC4 Underground Light in the Darkness
    Complete Stamford Street, South Bank level Home again, home again

    Contributed by: Guard Master