It could be better but if you love the show you may want to give it a try.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct X360
The game is pretty decent. The graphics are not the best but players have to keep in mind that this game doesn't have the budget of halo or other popular games. That being said it could be better. IT does have original voice actors which i think is a plus. I wont lie it could have had more time spent on it but if fans/players want games to continue being made then they have to give it a chance or it will flop. The game play is nothing ground breaking and the controls are very simple. While playing this game I noticed that the first act relies on stealth and so does most of the game. This can get frustrating. Its not like left for dead or dead rising where you can take on hoards of 20+ zombies and live unharmed. If players don't pay attention two or three walkers can overrun and kill the player. Shooting guns and making a lot of noise attracts walker and I believe this it makes the game feel more like the TV show. To give the game an even more TV show feel walkers can only be killed by head trauma. I do have a few problems with this game however. It seems the walkers sometimes seem to randomly spawn behind you. I would clear an entire hall way with all the doors closed and a walker would just happen to be behind me this can be frustrating if the player is out of health item and is about to die. Another disappointing item is the lack of any co-op. It would be understandable if it was an open world rpg but it is a survival zombie game and co-op could have been an easy item. The herd mode is very fun but yet again multilayer would be such a boost. I do like the travel system it gives the player the choice of burning more gas at the expense of high reward or vice versa. There are also roadblock and running out of gas that make traveling that much more dangerous. As poor quality this game is named to have it is very lacking in the glitches depart (so far) this is a plus because a lot of more popular games are riddled with glitches of course this varies from player to player and console to console. The difficulty is just right. When I play this game it feels like I'm in the show. I would recommend that anyone who loves zombies or the walking dead give this game a try and if you don't enjoy it after a few hours then take it back and get your money back.