I wish lol

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i wish i can tell them how to make it it will be the best game ever lol if u want to here about my wish i tell u lmao 


what is your wish list for this game 

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I hope it's more or less consistent with the quality of the show. Maybe too much to ask for, but, then again, maybe not. Also good gameplay. All too often it seems games based on movies or shows have terrible gameplay.

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I would like an open world game, set in the walking dead universe, wither it be the comic book, or the tv show's world... But after watching a interview i know that will not be the case, it gives you choices, but once you start down a path you have to finish it...you can't go back, which really sucks... IMO
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linear romps are good if the story is engaging, so they are not all that bad if they are value priced. From everything I read, the DayZ standalone will fill your need for a truly open world zombie mmo [hopefully singleplayer as well]. Just hope they do not RUSH it. TWD is a typical FPS with some good elements like stealth and diversion tactics. The game should be value priced.
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50 Bucks Down The Drain and Waiting 9 Months , This is the worst BS Game i Have ever bought , i'f i wanted to sneak around with a Knife , i'de go play Battlefield , WTF ? Go Play Some WARZ , Thats even Better and that's not sayin Alot..