DON'T BUY! It doesn't let you feed annoying Clementine to some zombies in the beginning.

User Rating: 1 | The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series X360
I'm a fan of zombie genre. I've played Dead Island, Day Z, Dead Space, RDR zombie add-on, Dead Rising... I know my zombie games, and I also watch the show.

I got it as a gift, so I decided to beat it. Even though it felt mediocre from the start.
Even if the game wasn't is boring. I used to enjoy old space quest and leisure suit larry games when I was a kid, but now I have to admit that adventure games are thing of the past. This is pretty much old school point and click adventure game, with few decision making points. Problem in that is that it gives you two choices, and they are between saving this dude or that chick or whatever. Well I really don't care about any of those people to be honest, and the only reason why I kept playing for the hope of getting rid of clementine's annoying ass.

Game wouldn't start chapter 2 at first, but with patch it did. Pretty big F*** UP! Then I can't beat Brenda hostage part, I googled it and the game is broken. I'm done. I'm selling this piece of crap before I kill my nerves. VERDICT: DON"T BUY!