The Walking Dead is an engaging game full of tough decisions that will all prove worthwhile in the end.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series PS3
The Walking Dead is based off a TV Show and Comics but the game is much different


The game starts out where you take the role of Lee who is on his way to prison but an incident happens where the car crashes and he is on his own. He stumbles upon these creatures that he calls Walkers and hears a little girl called Clementine looking for a mum and dad. Lees job is to protect Clementine at all costs.


The game starts out with just you and Clementine but you shall come across other members in your fight for survival. You sometimes have to make decisions that could affect the outcome of the game.

The game is mainly a point and click game but it does rely sometimes in terms of reflexes as well. Also at the end of each episode a preview of the next one gives you a hint on what to do. There is one thing you should know you can't save everyone in your group.

At the end of each episode the game tells you how you fared with other people across the globe with those massive decisions. If there's one thing that can be annoying it is sometimes things can be pretty hard to spot.


This is where the game really shines because alot of these characters have alot of emotion and it can make you feel for them in certain episodes. As the game goes on it makes you think who should I trust and not trust and it also helps that certain characters like Clementine gradually get stronger as the game progresses and become alot more useful. The graphics are breathtaking and it looks like alot of detail went into every area of the game.


Say roughly 2 hours for each episode and your looking at about a 10 hour package in total and that's pretty sweet for how much you had to download for it.

Overall Opinion

The Walking Dead has alot of character and a brilliant story that will keep you sucked in till the bitter end. Well Worth playing all the episodes.

Overall Score 9.6