Retail disc release to play in Australia.

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Hi all, I'm all too aware that this game was not released on the Australian Xbox marketplace as episodes. I was also disappointed to learn that Australia has missed out on the retail disc release as well. It looks like they're determined to stop us from playing this game. All research I've done tells me the US disc will not work over here. I've read about some NTSC games working in PAL consoles and vice versa, but it appears they are enforcing the region lock on the NTSC copies of this game. So that rules that out. I also don't have a PS3 and only have a small netbook computer, so buying off steam is no good as it won't run properly. So what I'd like to know now is, does anyone know if the retail disc is being released in a region that will be compatible with Australian consoles? I really want to play this game but find I'm running out of options. Thanks for your help.