The Void Cheats For PC

  1. Console and Commands

    To activate the ingame console, you need to open the "game\data" folder and edit config.xml. Find the line containing: <FullScreen/>. Below it type: <Console/>. Save, then launch the game. The console should be available with a press of ~ or '. Commands with parameters in brackets must be entered without the brackets for the cheat to work.

    Code Effect
    /add_fl (0-6) (amountt) Gives you the specified type and amount of Lympha colour.
    /add_al (0-6) (amountt) Gives you the specified type and amount of Nerva colour.
    /stronger Gives you all the attack glyph hearts and some lympha.
    /die When used in a duel with a Brother, removes all his health. Attack him once to kill him.
    /giveall Gives you all glyph hearts and 200 of each kind of lympha and nerva.
    /open_zone (number) Gives you a specific glyph heart.
    /turgor Completely fills your Lympha, Nerva, and hearts with Colour.
    /openall Opens access to all chambers. Can't be undone.

    Contributed by: Luminar 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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